Brady, Stewart, Green & Young – This Old House (WAV)




Stephen Brady and Liz Green provide the highlighted vocals for this Neil Young composed song which examines the devastating heartbreak involved with the loss of a family home due to bank re-possession. Not just the home and property but also the loss of all of the memories and hopes created and pursued throughout the years, not only felt by the parents but the grandparents and the children.

Guest vocalists Emma Hamilton and Barbara Baillie (of sister duo Baylou) and producer, Sean Rudd, provide extra vocals for the final, climactic chorus which also speak for the children and grandparents respectively.

Superb musical contributions from opera singer/cabaret chanteuse/musician Ali McGregor whose autoharp portrays the child-like innocence and the loss of a fairy-tale and dream home. Also, Laura Vaughan from Melbourne’s Brandenburg Orchestra playing lirone, Bill Chambers on dobro along with Stuie French, Mick Albeck, Jeremy Barnett, Doug Gallacher and Dave Ellis. The lyrics, melody, harmonies and musicianship will leave an impression long after you have listened to this song.