Joy Adams – Stubborn Pride (Wav)


Brand new song from NZ Country Singer/Songwriter Joy Adams. Although not performing as much these days, she continues to write songs and this one came about from a recent personal experience.

I feel the world is a little less kind these days, especially since Covid. I know people who have been bullied by keyboard warriors and I myself have been on the receiving end of nasty unwarranted comments. There are those who seem happy to pull people down and create drama. 

Words can cut deep and in my own situation, it affected me to the point where I wanted to stop being involved with music altogether.  But then, I thought – why should I stop doing what I love. I’ve put too many years into dreams for others to take it away from me.

This is my women’s empowerment anthem.  It could be a man’s empowerment anthem as well.

I woke up early hours one morning with this line was going round and round in my head, I just had to get up and write it down”.

‘I’ll stick around just long enough to say I told you so to those of you who doubted me, well you know where to go’.

From those words, Stubborn Pride was created.

I am my father’s daughter.  I’m stubborn and I won’t quit. He was a no-nonsense man and I’m sure he’s smiling down on me every time I sing this song and saying ‘That’s my girl’.

This song is dedicated to all those people who have felt bullied, undermined, unappreciated and didn’t know their worth.

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