Stephen Brady

1 December 2009
$29 AU (inc. postage)

01. Below S.Cleaves, N.St.Pierre
02. Too late for Praying Gordon Lightfoot
03. Down to my Soul Paul Kelly
04. A Thousand Miles Away John Myers, Brian Burke
05. Let Love Take You Back Again Tim O’Brien
06. Love's Endless War Roger Cook
07. All The Light I Need M.Rutherford, B.Roberstson
08. Scars R. Kennedy, B.David, D.Henry
09. Crossing Muddy Water John Hiatt
10. Just Like You Jon Randall Stewart
11. Great Expectations Lionel Cartwright
12. Like I Used To Do T.O’Brien, P.Alger
13. Lost Cities Of The Heart Graeme Connors
14. No Time For Sorrow Joe Egan
15. Adam's Song Rodney Crowell

Stephen Brady

Stephen Brady was playing DJ with his mother’s records from the age of 3 and impersonating Tom Jones in lounge room concerts as a youngster.

Varied musical experiences include organising & hosting charity concerts, being a presenter on community radio station 2-BCR FM, running his own music importing business and recording and performing as ‘Cascade’ with Liz Green in the 80s and early 90s.

In 2006, after several years indulging his love of travelling through Nth America, Stephen decided to renew his musical partnership with Liz and Sandra and revive his recording career. The trio, with Alissa’s inclusion, then became a quartet. Stephen, together with producer/bass player Sean Rudd, has been planning and recording both the quartet album, ‘Arrow’, and a solo album, ‘Adrift’ during the last 3 years. Stephen has also started his own record label ‘Blue Shamrock’.

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