Independent artists

Are you an independent Artist looking to retail your music without the burdensome costs of a website and merchant facilities while guaranteeing a decent percentage return on each single or album track sold? Find out more below.

Distribution & retailing

In addition to distributing your music, we can also provide retailing opportunities via our online store. This allows you to save time and money on your own website with merchant facilities to retail your music to your fans. Not only that but the Blue Shamrock Music (BSM) store provides all singles and album tracks, unless otherwise specified by the Artist, in both MP3 and WAV file formats providing your fans with the opportunity to purchase your music in higher quality audio not available from other retail sites.

We also provide a far greater percentage return on all sales, singles and albums, ensuring that you actually make money on the sale of your music. Something not generally possible via the minimal percentage returns paid by other retailers and ISPs. The Blue Shamrock Music store sales put money back in your pocket while saving you money and providing greater choice for your fans.

Our retailing opportunities are available to all Artists, you don’t have to have distribution through BSM. 

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