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The Marty Rose Band recently recruited Blue Shamrock Music to promote the release of our first original song, ‘Elvis TCB’. Stephen’s responsive and professional approach to the song’s promotion has made a welcome change to ‘doing business’ in what can otherwise be a very harsh industry. For example, the band is provided with periodic data regarding the number of radio downloads of our new song. These updates provide us with valuable information regarding the number of times our song has been downloaded, and the territories in which this is occurring. The distribution of our song has been supported by web-based promotion, advertising in industry magazines, and a number of interviews from radio stations in Australia and the USA. Some of these interviews were set up by Stephen, while other radio presenters have contacted us directly after receiving their promotional package. Stephen has been taking care of our business at every step along the way, and so we have no hesitation in recommending Blue Shamrock Music to other artists looking to get their music out to the world.

David Briggs

The Marty Rose Band (MRB)

I love working with Blue Shamrock Music’s Stephen Brady, who exhibits top-notch professionalism and truly cares about his clients and their music. It is a pleasure working with Stephen, and I would recommend Blue Shamrock Music to anyone looking to distribute their music.

Becky Denton

Country Music, USA


I have spent a lot of dollars with a number of publicists here in Australia and the U.K. to promote my music.

With no hesitation, I wish to state that no promoter I’ve used goes anywhere near the professionalism and service that Blue Shamrock Music provides.

Stephen Brady has exceeded any expectation I had to promote my latest release.

Blue Shamrock Music is at a completely different level.

Never have I had numerous requests to do promo’s for radio stations, here and abroad.

Never have I had requests for interviews.

Never have I had info provided of where the song is being played internationally.

Stephen Brady has been incredibly accomodating to work with. Nothing appears to be too much trouble.

Analytics of a song’s performance is very important to me.

It’s one thing to be told by a promoter/publicist that your song has been sent to numerous radio stations and presenters.

It’s another thing to actually have contact with those people who are playing your song.

Blue Shamrock Music is going to be the primary promoter of my future work.

I look forward to working with Stephen for many years to come. 


John Blades

John Blades Music


John Blades

Country Music, USA

My experience with working with Stephen Brady of Blue Shamrock Music has been an absolute pleasure.  Anytime I have needed to contact him about a query I might have, he has been easy to contact.  Stephen is a great source of inspirational ways to improve our Radio Distribution experience in Australia and Worldwide. The feedback we receive regarding who is playing my music has been great and constant throughout our contract time.  I have no hesitation in recommending Blue Shamrock Music to any recording artists.  Thank you, Stephen, for your great service.

Warren Kearney

I am extremely pleased that my Blue Shamrock single promotions have exceeded all expectations. Thanks to Blue Shamrock my tracks have received over 370 downloads for radio airplay including some international stations. It is always a pleasure to work with Stephen at Blue Shamrock.

Great to see that Blue Shamrock has promo packages that offer international exposure.

Neil Anthony

Stephen !

Thank you so much for everything!

I’m very impressed with the full extent that you look after your artists and their work!

I’ll definitely be back with my next release !


Chris 'Boots' Lee

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