Alice Benfer – Long Black Skirts (Wav)


Cattle, sugarcane, and country music have been staple ingredients in Alice Benfer’s life. Alice joined a local country music club at the age of 7, belting out a song at every available chance and she has been unstoppable since.


From an early age, Alice performed in the Talent Quest circuits with much success. Alice Benfer graduated from the CMAA Academy Of Country Music in 2014. This artist lives and breathes music, she has many awards to her name including Best New Talent in The Gold Medallion Media Award’s x2.


Alice Benfer has seamlessly transitioned into a much-loved solo artist. From spirited performances at small venues to electrifying major festivals. Alice has left a mark everywhere she goes. Alice has had several chart-topping singles and successful recordings over the years.


In 2021 Alice Benfer poured her heart into a 9-track album ‘What Can I Say’, a harmonious blend of fresh original tracks and cherished classics. Produced by renowned songwriter and guitarist Sam Hawksley. Adding to her impressive roster of achievements Alice Benfer was crowned “Green Brother’s Country On Keppel Talent Search Winner” 2021


Alice Benfer is proud to release a new ‘Double A Side’ produced by Sam Hawksley leading up to her up-coming Traditional Album. This artist presents an authentic voice of Australian Traditional Country Music.

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