Allan Caswell

May 8 2023 marked the 50th Anniversary of Allan Caswell joining Actors Equity in 1973 and the start of his performing career.

2024 has already been a huge year in Allan Caswell’s career. At this year’s Golden Guitars, he achieved his 48th Final Nomination since he won the first of his 8 Golden Guitars in 1980. Most importantly, he was given the highest accolade in Australasian Country Music by being elevated to the Roll of Renown.

Even by Caswell’s standards, the last few years have been among his best. Cas is Australia’s most recorded songwriter and with 956 recordings of his songs released worldwide and solo albums being finished off for himself and his songwriting partner Lindsay Waddington, the 1,000 mark is getting close.

His collaboration with Lindsay Waddington has produced a string of top ten hits and a Golden Guitar nomination for their band Lynchburg as well as hits for other artists.