Allan Gumm – Just Thank Me (Mp3)


Allan was born into a musically inclined family and started singing and playing guitar at the age of ten years. His first public performance was in 1978.

Allan had worked throughout the southern, mid-western and northern parts of NSW for many years. He lived in Canberra and worked the club, pub and festival scene there. Allan has also toured Australia performing his own style of music. Allan has performed in Tasmania as well as Ireland and Scotland.

‘Until We Burn’ was written by a friend of mine in Canberra, Leon Butterworth,  who has sadly passed away. Unfortunately, he didn’t get to hear my recorded version of his song.

It’s a true but sad story of two people who obviously love each other but can’t live together, no matter how much they try.

True, I think, of many relationships and lovers, but I think Lord Alfred Tennyson had it right when he said “‘Tis better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all”.


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