Amber Goldsmith

Amber Goldsmith was born in Kingaroy out in the South Burnett Region of QLD. She has been singing since her early childhood years and has won the hearts of many with her voice & personality combo on and off the stage.

Amber is simply a girl with an acoustic guitar, who sings a bit of older country, modern country, country rock, Aussie favs and more. She has travelled thousands of kilometres over Outback QLD and parts of NSW entertaining at well over 1000 places.
Amber wears her heart on her sleeve and uses music as a platform to share her rawness and talk openly about her life battles and experiences.

Amber Goldsmith self-released an album back in 2011 titled “Life’s a test”. Four songs on the album are her own compositions written from life experiences, which is where the title “Life’s a test” came from, written in 2006.
This young lass has had many highlights in her career and is working towards releasing her second album later in 2024.

Amber has been in and out of bands and duos over the years and has taken short breaks to have her children but has always come back to her safe place, music.