Anita Spring

Anita, who grew up in a musical family, has been singing professionally since the age of 9 and has followed in the footsteps of her talented parents who toured with Johnny O’Keefe and Bob Hope.

She started eagerly writing songs again in 2017 following a trip to Nashville, Memphis and Graceland.
Returning to Nashville in May 2018, she collaborated with acclaimed songwriters and came home with a lot of great songs. She has now recorded and produced new songs, the majority of which are self-composed and is working with producer/musician Lindsay Waddington on an album project.

Anita has recently been nominated as a Semi-Finalist for New Songwriter of the Year for her song Midnight Train and also for Country Ballad for Changing My Mind at the 2022 Tamworth Songwriter Association Awards.

Anita Spring is pure country.