Anne Fraser

“It’s a little bit different my story, as I’m what you call a late bloomer. I was raised in a musically gifted family in the Flinders Ranges in South Australia. I grew up watching my late father and other family members play guitar, piano accordion, piano and organ for many years.”

“My father was a very good poet and I credit him for my lyrical journey. For me it came a little bit later. It wasn’t until 2019, after some challenging life events, that I began writing poetry, song writing and playing guitar.”

“I didn’t know at first what was happening, the words seemed to come from somewhere and I just had to write them down, now I fully understand. I am very grateful that this gift came to me and for the mentoring I have received along the way. I have a love and affinity for country, bush balladeering and writing honest lyrics. This has been a life changing journey and I intend to make it my life.”


I like to think I am telling a story rather than singing a song, I like to think I’m writing a poem where all the words just belong, I write from the heart and sing from the soul – Anne Fraser.