Brady, Stewart, Green & Young
Year: 2009
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01. In The Dessert Of Waiting Leslie Winn Satcher
02. Ride On Jimmy McCarthy
03. Lanterns On The Levee J.K, I.Campbell, J.Pierce
04. Share My Life Stephen Brady
05. Never Be The Sun Donagh Long
06. In My Life J.Lennon, P.McCartney
07. Angel Sarah Ann McLachlan
08. Arrow Cheryl Wheeler
09. This Old House Neil Young
10. Seek And Ye Shall Find Sandra Young
11. In My Room G.Usher, B.Wilson
12. How’s The World Treating You C.Atkins, B.Bryant
13. There You Go R.Sharp, D.Lowery
14. Like An Old Fashioned Waltz Sandy Denny
15. We Thank Thee, Dear Lord Sandra Young