Ashley Cook – Saltbush On The Breeze (Wav)


Ashley is an outstanding Australian Bush Balladeer and one of the most adored amongst his peers.

Ashley’s authenticity is recognised by the leading writers in the country and ‘Saltbush On The Breeze’ is a classic original bush ballad, written especially for his new album by legendary writers, Kelly & Marion Dixon and Shaza Leigh.

‘Saltbush on the Breeze’ is Ashley’s fifth Single from his latest album, ‘’; produced by one of the most respected producers and guitarists of this genre, Lindsay Butler OAM and recorded at the LBS Studios in Tamworth.

The song relates to an old stockman settling in the city upon retirement after spending most of his life on the land. Even though he is extremely well off and living in luxury he would give anything to be back with his stockman mates, with a saddle for a pillow and the stars for a ceiling.