Brian Letton – She (Wav)


Three of Australia’s most prolific songwriters, Terry Bennetts, Kelly Dixon and Brian Letton, have joined ranks to pen this true, real-life ballad that tells the story of a woman who moves to the city from the family farm where she grew up and how, in later years, her family grown and moved on, she is now alone. She decides to travel and to see Australia and in a holiday park in northern WA, she joins fellow holiday-makers as they listen to the resident entertainer singing ballads and story songs of Australia. This song, “She”, tells the story.


A fresh and modern ballad, recorded and produced by Rob Breese at BeatNtrak Studios in Tamworth. Brian’s vocal delivery is clear and strong with the rare kind of warmth and richness that is his trademark.


“SHE”, destined to become another Brian Letton ’classic’.

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