Brian Letton

Raised on his parents’ new land farming property, North of Ravensthorpe in WA, Brian considers that his upbringing in this often harsh rural environment taught him to appreciate the “true values of life”. In 1989 Brian made the decision to move into the music industry full time.


Brian writes and sings of his country and fellow man with rare feeling, writes of the things he knows, understands, loves and believes in earning him Australian and International acclaim and a succession of top 10 radio hits. Brian’s first ever entry for the “Country Music Awards of Australia” resulted in a “final five nomination” in the 1991 “Best New Talent” category and has been a finalist in these awards on 16 occasions.


Adding to his already impressive recording history Brian released his own record label in 2015. His albums total 26 since crossing the Nullabour in 1989. Adding to this impressive list, in 2018 released his first DVD, ‘Brian Letton Live At CluBarham’.


Since those early inspirational years on the family farm, Brian has cemented his position as one of the premier entertainers in the Australian Music Industry, his professional  career spanning more than 30 years. Combining annual non-stop touring, legions of fans and long lasting successful recording history, Brian has accumulated many of Australia’s most prestigious music awards and accolades.


Standing tall as a shining example of the success that is possible, Brian is totally committed to his music, songwriting, recording and most importantly his supporters. His commitment remains unwavering.