Bruce Mackay

After a 50 year career in advertising and writing a countless number of TV and Radio commercials ’Schoey and Jess’ is Bruce Mackay’s first venture into writing a bush ballad.

Aside from being a tribute to the Australian Kelpie, it largely reflects Bruce’s other life as a part-time wool-grower on a small property near Yass. Bruce pretty much saw it all during almost 30 years as a farm owner. Drought, flood and, significantly, the 2003 Bushfire – all the usual stuff that goes with farming in Australia.

Bruce had six Kelpies during this period and loved and respected the contribution they made to his farming life and this ballad reflects that.

‘Schoey and Jess’ is Bruce’s personal salute to a long-time friend and neighbour who mentored the advertising man into running a successful rural venture.


Adrian Payne, who voiced ‘Schoey and Jess’, is a well-known national advertising voice-over artist as well as a singer/musician.