Desert Pear

Desert Pear is a musical collaborative between songwriter Carl Emerton (pictured), Producer Bill Chambers and vocalist Caz Cruzat which had its earliest manifestation born out of a need to write music for a short film. Songwriter Carl Emerton won an award in Nice, France for ‘Best Original Song In Film’ at the International Filmmakers Festival. ‘Love is Like Water’ and also ‘Raven’ are two songs which have won international awards for cinema or songwriting. Vocalist Caz Cruzat worked closely with Carl Emerton in developing many of his earlier works.  

A chance meeting with Bill Chambers led to the musical production of “I Crashed My Drone in Texas” due to its novel nature and then Caz Cruzat was brought in to add the vocals. Carl’s experience in filmmaking enabled him to make a captivating music video to portray the classic Country narrative.