Gail Barnard

“My name is Gail Barnard and I’ve been singing and writing songs for many years. I have been blessed with a loving, supportive husband and family, and an awesome work family and a great job which I’m very honoured to be doing, working as a mortician, I hope that I can help give people some peace at a very difficult time.

Of course, it makes for a lot of emotion which I can use in my songwriting.  I have been singing and playing music most of my life, playing all over W.A and singing all across Australia.

After a chance meeting with the wonderful Glenn Levi, through my producer at Cloud 9 Studios, I have started co-writing and writing my own material to record and it’s given me the confidence to have a go.

We have done very well with the songs, ‘Christmas in Australia’ and ‘Something Better’ and I hope that my own songs can do just as well.”