Glenn Jones

Australian bush ballads demand a big dose of fair dinkum. Glenn Jones is about as fair dinkum as they come. He is a knock about bloke with an authentic Australian voice. Glenn sings songs about the places he’s been and people he’s met over the past 40 years travelling the back roads of Australia, taking his music from country pubs to the biggest music festivals.


A good bloke, great singer and a surprisingly polished entertainer. Not so surprising when you find out for 13 years Glenn played the lead role in the Australian Outback Spectacular at the Gold Coast.


Glenn expertly combines an absolute respect and love for what has come before with the polish and expertise of today’s entertainment world. He is a student of our early music pioneers Tex Morton, Buddy Williams and Slim Dusty. Jonesy has moulded a unique style of ballads, poetry and yarns into his performance and is regarded as one of Australia’s finest traditional country music performers.