Graceland Gun Club

Chuck Manhattan and Hank Montana are Graceland Gun Club.


Hank Montana (Roy Snow) has had a long and illustrious career in theatre and film. You may know him from TV shows such as Shortland Street; Outrageous Fortune; Spartacus; The Shannara Chronicles; Go Girls and all the way back to Xena.  He’s regularly on stage at The Court Theatre in shows ranging from Romeo and Juliet; Blood Brothers and Frankenstein to Little Shop of Horrors; Legally Blonde and Ladies Night.


Chuck Manhattan has written songs for numerous country bands including – The Nashville Hit Machine, Princess Party, The Sanhedrin Three, and has also written songs for the folk singer Peter Gatonyi.


The debut album ‘Murder Ballads and Other Love Songs’ was produced by G.G.C. and The Armory, the exception being ‘Murder On My Mind’ which was produced by G.G.C.,The Armory & Aaron Keown.


Chuck talks about the new release .. The lead out single, ‘Glory Train’, is the most bluegrass song on our album. We did about 20 versions before it felt right, everything from Country Disco to Folk Punk. My father was a very religious man, a Hungarian Jew who became a very devout born again Christian, and I wrote the song in honour of him. I love Roy’s singing on this, especially the way that he belts it out in the end. He put everything in and munted his voice for a few days after.”