Greg Bain – These Eyes Of Blue (Mp3)


It is with great pride that Greg Bain releases his latest single “THESE EYES OF BLUE” from his forthcoming album. Having family members serving in the police force he is very familiar with the highs and lows that come with this job, in particular the psychological challenges that are often faced by these professionals. It is hoped that this song will highlight the incredible work and sacrifices made by unique people, and that a sense of respect and appreciation is restored for this profession.

Greg Bain has successfully forged a following for his passionate delivery of songs he strongly believes in – songs of substance and “These Eyes Of Blue” was a perfect fit for Greg’s heartfelt performance style.

Producer Lindsay Butler OAM and his team of legendary session musicians have recorded a traditional, musical masterpiece, to compliment the song-writing gifts of Shaza Leigh and Constable Brian Neville, who was with Constable Peter Forsyth when he was killed on duty in 1998. This tribute to our police is a stunning track and a wonderful salute to the all too often, unsung heroes of our community.

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