Greg McInnes

Greg McInnes brings a breath of fresh air to the contemporary music landscape, infusing his compositions with an infectious energy that uplifts all who listen. Drawing from the rich tapestry of rock, blues, and country, Greg weaves together soul-stirring performances characterised by groovy rhythms, intricate lead solos, and emotive vocals that resonate deep within the heart. Inspired by musical luminaries such as Paul Kelly, Keith Urban, and Pete Murray, Greg has honed a distinctive fusion that defies categorisation.

Armed with his guitar, looper and stomp box, Greg commands the stage with a magnetic presence, delivering performances that connect with audiences from all walks of life. His repertoire, infused with messages of hope and encouragement, positions him as a compelling choice for events and festivals seeking to inspire and uplift.

At the core of Greg’s artistry lies a commitment to authenticity, with each song crafted from the depths of his soul, inviting listeners on a journey of introspection and connection. His recent single, ‘Someone Like You,’ serves as a testament to this sincerity, receiving widespread acclaim and earning airplay on esteemed platforms such as ABC country radio and numerous stations both domestically and abroad. As Greg continues to chart his musical course, his unwavering dedication to his craft ensures that his melodies will echo in the hearts of listeners far and wide.