Hard Yards – Mouth Of The River (Wav)


The first release by Hard Yards is our version of “Mouth of the River”, we love this profoundly moving song that skilfully addresses aspects of the dark history of Australia, emphasizing the significance of acknowledging and learning from the past.

A topical and thought-provoking song that evokes a range of emotions, from sombre reflection to a fierce determination to learn from the past, serving as a reminder that history, although unchangeable, should not be forgotten.

As experienced and travelled musicians, we have strived to make this version of “Mouth of the River” compelling listening. We feel with the combination of our musical outlook, the powerful lyrics, and the emotional depth we can impart to the song creates a captivating experience for our listeners.

“Mouth of the River” by Hard Yards is an enjoyable musical experience and a vessel for understanding, empathy, and growth. We invite you to join us on this transformative musical journey and experience the enjoyment of our music and as others, feel the profound impact it can have on your perspective.