Jade Hurley & Pixie Jenkins

Two great entertainers, old mates from different sides of the industry, have thrown their masks and memories of the horrors of the COVID years into the history bin and have come together to record an oldie but a goodie.


146 years of frivolity between them, 80yo RnR piano playing legend Jade Hurley and 66yo Country Music legend and fiddle player Pixie Jenkins have joined ranks and recorded the classic Donnie and Marie Osmond Hit form the 70s “I’m a little bit country and I’m a little bit Rock and Roll”.


“I mentioned to Jade that we should do the song in passing while swapping yarns over the phone and suddenly he rings up months later “with this great idea”, Pixie giggles.


Produced and engineered by Pixie in his own studio, he pulled a few favours from some pretty famous musicians, and young country superstar Angus Gill did the post production and mastering.


Jade Hurley said about the project “I pulled Pixie’s leg and rang up one day, months after he told me about the idea for a duet, and excitedly told him about my fabulous idea. I won’t tell you exactly what he said but he wasn’t happy at first. Jokes aside I’m thrilled with result and was amazed at how the video came together”.


The video was recorded at the Tamworth Regional Council’s Community Centre, thanks to the kindness of manager Caroline Stier. Pixie says “Being able to use the grand piano in the centre’s main room was instrumental you might say in making this come together”. So it was “Camera, Lights, Action” for a day and Pixie then composed and produced the video.