Jeff Orson

Jeff Orson is a traditional Canadian country singer / songwriter based in Toronto. Diagnosed with cancer in 2014, Jeff began composing songs (some from his hospital bed) while undergoing treatment. Since then, Jeff has played in venues around the world including Singapore, France, Sweden, Mexico City, Dublin, London, as well as major cities in the US and Canada.

Jeff’s last nine singles have received radio play across Canada, the US, Europe, and Middle East. Jeff released his “Ballads” EP in November 2020, a collection of piano-driven songs including Pray and Drowning. He followed up with his upbeat country singles “Who We Are” and “Home’s the Only Place” in 2021, and “Growin’ Up Country” and “Country Goin’ On” in 2022, all receiving plenty of Canadian and US air-time.

Jeff’s fans appreciate his music’s straightforward style and relatable, heart-felt lyrics which are inspired by real life experiences. An artist with broad appeal, Jeff humbly aspires to compose authentic anthems for our times. Jeff’s latest single, “Magic in This Moonshine” is another contemporary country tune with an infectious tempo.