Jessie Che – Pretty Baby (Wav)


My long-time co-writing friend, Mark Drilling and I were working on a batch of songs for the album, it was late Oct 2021, when he sent me this tune, his words were, “think sassy”. So, I listened to the piece Mark sent through and he had the whole form there musically with one tag line for me to create a story around, that tag line was “Pretty Baby”.

My creative brain swung into gear and I began playing a bit of a movie in my head. This came a week after a watercooler conversation at my work with my girlfriend colleagues, who were all swooning about the Aquaman character (Jason Momoa). I imagined what it would be like to be in a bar with all my girlfriends and Aquaman walks in…. and what they would do, and what they would want to say!

So here we have “Pretty Baby”, a fun story of the girl who gets the most handsome fellow in the room.