Maddy Simioni – Bullet Train (Mp3)


Maddy Simioni wrote ‘Bullet Train’ at the beginning of 2021 from her family home in Melbourne. The lyrics came to Maddy organically, and highlight inner strength, perseverance and resilience in busy and/or difficult times. ‘Bullet Train’ also marked a turning point in Maddy’s style of composition, as it is faster and more upbeat than Maddy’s previous (unreleased) compositions and features a rap section.

Maddy’s decision to record ‘Bullet Train’ arose from the positive feedback she received when performing the song at various venues in Alice Springs in mid-late 2021. With this encouragement Maddy recorded ‘Bullet Train’ at Red House Recording Studio with Darcy Davis and invited friends, Dane Neil and Peter Martin, to play drums and bass on the track. ‘Bullet Train’ was mixed by Nick Scully and mastered by Dan the Underdog.

‘Bullet Train’ is an important, motivational song to Maddy that has inspired her through many difficult times and experiences, and she is excited to share it with the world.

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