Pat Nicholson

Calling home the Sunshine Coast, Australia, Pat Nicholson is an emerging force in
the Blues/Rock scene, captivating audiences with a sound that is breaking
With influences ranging from Eric Clapton to Coldplay, Pat Nicholson brings a fresh
perspective to the music landscape. His soulful vocals and tasteful guitar create a
blend that is reminiscent of John Mayer.
From the raw emotions of heartbreak to the triumphant highs of self-discovery,
Pat’s lyrics resonate with authenticity. Each song is a carefully crafted piece,
inviting listeners into a world where melodies weave tales of love, loss, and
everything in between. Pat is carving a niche that’s uniquely his own.
Dive into the soundscapes of Pat Nicholson and experience the magic firsthand.
Check out his New Single “I Need You’.
“I Need You’ was written and produced by Nicholson. It was recorded in both
Australia and England and mixed by Grammy Award Winning Producer / Engineer
Dave O’Donnell in New York. Dave has mixed albums for Keith Richards, Sheryl
Crow and a long list of amazing artists.
Pat is currently recording a soon to be released album with Grammy Award
Winning Drummer Rob Brian (Simple Minds, Siouxsie Sioux, Peter Gabriel).
In a whirlwind of moving and having lived in London, Bristol, Bath, Sydney and
maritime Canada, Pat has now based himself on the beautiful Sunshine Coast.