Peter Reeves

Blessed with a contagious sense of humour and a knack for telling stories, Peter Reeves is
making a name for himself in the country music scene in Australia.
Locomotive driver by day, country singer by night, Peter is the real-deal Aussie country boy
who has accumulated a lifetime of stories about love, loss and laughter and packed them
into his incredible 500 song catalogue.
Growing up in the Victorian river town of Newbridge, on the banks of the Loddon, Peter has
done the hard yards working the land and decades of touring the regional beer barns and
taverns. To quote a line from his ripping tune “Working Man”: ‘swelt in the heat, drown in the
rain, paid my dues, time and time again’.
Peter’s debut EP “Working Man” was released in 2021 which featured back to his roots
songs “Up The River” and “Country Town”, tunes that established his ability to craft country
songs with cinematic realism while maintaining his cheeky sense of humour.
“Beer O’Clock” is the first single from his upcoming full-length album. He is supported by a
stellar backing band including Nashville guitarist Rick Plant (Sherry Rich) and Douglas Lee Robertson (Ice-Cream Hands) on bass and drummer Geoff Barnes (P76). As Peter explains,
the song is not so much about drinking but more about downtime, taking a break from your
busy life and being with your loved ones.