Raymond Smith

I’m one of 5 children born and raised in small town in country NSW, Australia. I’ve always had strong family ties and I’ve loved music from an early age and knew every song in the top 40 hit list in primary school. I dreamt about becoming a singer songwriter in my mid teens and bought my first guitar at 14. I went to two lessons but a gambling addiction then prevented me from picking up guitar again until in my thirties when a spiritual experience allowed me to arrest my addiction.

I started learning to sing and strum a few chords and entered talent quests, karaoke comps and became lead singer in a rock band for a short period. I then settled into working as a solo artist performing mostly covers and started writing a few of my own songs.
I’ve written many songs over nearly three decades but during last two years I’ve been inspired to write songs about the current state of the world and the need for the truth to be shared and released my first song, ‘We The People’ in early 2022. I’ve felt the hand of God leading me while writing these songs and very grateful to release my debut album of original songs at age 63. I hope you enjoy listening and please share the message of truth, hope and love as we strive to overcome tyranny. God bless you.