Shaza Leigh – The Light Shines Brighter (Mp3)


Shaza Leigh is one of the most gifted inspirational writers in Australia. She has enjoyed ongoing success as a writer and recording artist for decades within the country music industry but her spiritual work is on another level again. The Light Shines Brighter is a Divine offering, written specifically for the world-wide broadcast of the Gethsemane Christmas Carol TV Special and it is without doubt, one of this season’s best new Christmas songs.

SHAZA is a child of the light and clearly understands her role as a guiding force here in this realm. Her delivery and shining personality, right from the soul, always come to the fore when she is performing inspirational songs.

The Light Shines Brighter was recorded at LBS Studio 2 on Butler Estate, the home of Shaza and her engineer, husband Lindsay Butler OAM using a selection of Australia’s finest session musicians and featuring their in-house pianist/ organist, Peggy Gilchrist.