Tex Dawson

Tex Dawson is a 61yr old singer song writer from Melbourne, who has recently made the change over from the blues genre to country music.

Of Irish heritage, Tex Dawson, (AKA), Frankie Mulholland, has been playing drums since the age of 7yrs as well as guitar and some harmonica, and was also a drummer in a 3 piece Texas blues, (Biggy Rat), for 22yrs.

It was during the Covid lockdown that Tex began to write an album of original Irish songs, but soon found that his works were quickly taking a turn towards a more traditional country style of song writing, with a slight tinge of blues and Irish flavour, so he just decided to go with the flow.

After about 18 months of recording and writing songs on the fly, Tex had written about 15 songs, then added some violin, female vocals and harmonies, then selected 11 songs for the album and “A Country Road To Nowhere” was born.

As a result of this, Tex found himself completely in love with writing and recording country music, and is about to begin writing and recording full time, combined with the occasional live festival performance.