Tim Withano

Tim is an award-winning artist who has had Top 10 success on the country charts in Australia with his acoustic band, “Strum”. He has vast experience performing live playing his original music as well as playing the lead role in a theatre production dedicated to the music of James Taylor for a number of years. Tim was signed to Herb Alpert’s publishing company Essex Music in Australia until his contract was bought by Warners Chappell. Tim is now a free agent and owns the copyright to all of his songs.

His actual name is Timo (he moved from Finland with his family when he was a toddler) and as long as he can remember he has had to tell everyone he meets that his name is Tim with an “o”. When it came to launching his solo career (he has played in bands for years) he decided that Tim Withano would be an appropriate stage name :).

Tim is very much a do-it-yourself guy. He plays guitars that he actually builds himself and records all of his songs in his home studio. Tim also produces his own videos. His videos for Bondi Sand and Bob Dylan and Me are on YouTube. He will be producing one for his latest single, “Just Like a Symphony” soon.