Zac Griffith


Zac Griffith hails from a small country town outside of Nelson, New Zealand, and has been picking guitar and singing for over 10 years. Most recently, he was named the 2023 Overall Winner of the Gold Guitar Country Music Awards and has previously won the overall titles of numerous Country Music Awards in New Zealand, as well as previously the Intermediate Overall winner of the Gold Guitar Awards.


Zac is a 2024 graduate of the CMAA Academy of Country Music in Tamworth, Australia, as well as spending 2 weeks performing at the 2024 Tamworth Country Music Festival. His greatest influences range from his starting point of Johnny Cash, right through to Luke Combs and his idol, Vince Gill. As of now, Zac is playing gigs and different events solo, as well as lead guitar in a couple bands, along with writing new material for an EP.



His debut single ‘My River Runs To You,’ due for release May 31st 2024, is a song written by Zac that was started in 2022. The song is about having a true love for someone, and not wanting to think about the thought of losing that person… The second half of the song is after it has been found out that the person has proved untrue and found another love. The meaning and message of the song is “My river will always lead to you’ – no matter the circumstances of the situation, there is always going to be a love between those two people. The song was recorded and produced by Dan Cosgrove of DC Studios in 2024.