Stephen Brady
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01. Below S.Cleaves, N.St.Pierre
02. Too late for Praying Gordon Lightfoot
03. Down to my Soul Paul Kelly
04. A Thousand Miles Away John Myers, Brian Burke
05. Let Love Take You Back Again Tim O’Brien
06. Love’s Endless War Roger Cook
07. All The Light I Need M.Rutherford, B.Roberstson
08. Scars R. Kennedy, B.David, D.Henry
09. Crossing Muddy Water John Hiatt
10. Just Like You Jon Randall Stewart
11. Great Expectations Lionel Cartwright
12. Like I Used To Do T.O’Brien, P.Alger
13. Lost Cities Of The Heart Graeme Connors
14. No Time For Sorrow Joe Egan
15. Adam’s Song Rodney Crowell