Bohemian Rogue – House On The Hill (Mp3)


‘House on the Hill’ is a change of style for band songwriter Clive Carter.  It is best described as and Country Rock song with grunge. The guitar licks and drums are as powerful as the compelling song lines. When listening to the lyrics you will be transported to a mysterious and dangerous place.

Clive started writing “House on the Hill” after a friend “Jackson” requested his name to be written into a song. Sadly though, while still only a young man, his life was lost during COVID times. The song writing process stopped for a while until an overwhelming need arose to complete and dedicate the song to him. “House on the Hill” is dedicated to Jackson Collins RIP.

House on the Hill” is the kind of song that transcends Bohemian Rogue music from country music backwaters to main stages of Tamworth and Nashville.