Clelia Adams -Looking Forward Looking Back (Wav)




“Looking forward, looking back, I’ve come a long was down the track” – Slim Dusty’s song left an indelible mark on me from first hearing in 2000. Written by Cold Chisel’s Don Walker, this song embodies the two music worlds I’ve straddled in my long and illustrious career – the traditional world of Australian Balladeers and my Rock and Roll years at Go-Set Magazine and WEA Records both in Sydney & London.
Recovering from traumatic brain tumour surgery in 2018, music kept me sane and being unable to sing was the biggest challenge ever in my life. Again, I heard Looking Forward, Looking Back and again it had a profound effect on my heart. The lyrics spoke to me as I reflected on my own life’s memories, my experiences throughout those very dark days and my hopes for a healthy future once again.
Out of the blue, Stuie French, my Producer now living in Nashville asked if I wanted to record a couple of tracks with Nashville musos, which included Willie Cantu on drums (Buck Owens band) and Dennis Crouch on bass. Camille and Sonny French added their magic on backup vocals. My dear friend Pixie Jenkins recorded the vocals and fiddle parts at my home.
Meeting the legendary writer Don Walker at a party recently, he informed me that as far as he was aware the song hadn’t been recorded since Slim’s version. I was aghast at my audacity recording such an iconic song.
Don gave me his nod of approval. That’s good enough for me.
I hope it’s good enough for you too. Thank you for your support.”