Jon Davis

Jon Davis (JD to his mates) – Radio & TV presenter, Master of Ceremonies, comedian, variety entertainer, composer and travelling songwriter! While officially based in Darwin, JD tours Australia, and internationally with his mobile recording studio, wowing audiences with his amazingly rich voice and heartfelt lyrics.
JD started as a 17 year-old, country DJ where he had to play songs from people like Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison, Willie Nelson and others, not realising that they would form the foundation for JD’s future writing. In 2019, JD’s lyrics placed in the top ten for the ASA Australian Song of the Year and he has around 100 tunes slowly simmering in his creative cauldron…
After a chance meeting in Darwin with The Kenny Rogers Band, they invited JD to record a selection of his compositions in Nashville and they are still recording with him to this day, albeit across the continents due to COVID

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