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'LIGHT AS A FEATHER' Totally Biased Fan Review.

Cowgirl Up.

By Kaz Johnson.

‘Kylie and I have been friends for a while now – so much so that we are known as Thelma and Louise. (With a happier ending). I knew instinctively that this would be a great album. With the addition of my April brother, Michael Carpenter at the helm, it is a polished, instrumentally enhanced album with Kylie’s eclectic mix of Bluegrass, Mountain Music, Folk Music, Celtic Music, Bush Ballads, Traditional Country and a bit of a twist, nothing is beyond her reach.

An amazing band, wonderful producer and a bunch of original songs that have heart and a sense of adventure about them, with all the ups and downs that she has been through the last few years – as we all have been through, this is a very balanced sense of joy and heartache. Kylie always delivers, but this is something a little bit extra special.

Even in the sad songs, there is hope, and in the happy songs, there is something to make you smile. Kylie’s songs always have a sense of family and home. She paints a picture of the simple things, the memories and moments that we, of a certain age, can all relate to. This woman has a way of capturing the past but also a way of looking ahead. I am not really sure that there is another singer/songwriter like Kylie in Australia, though she is very Australian.

She is a certain type, positive but honest, looking at things as they are, as they were, as they always will be. There are songs here that you will almost sing like a psalm. There are others that you will want to tap your toes to or sing along to. This album flows easily.’

The multi -award winning album ‘Light as a Feather’ was produced, engineered, mixed, and mastered by Michael Carpenter.

Michael Carpenter- acoustic & electric guitars, dobro guitar, mandolin, double bass, piano,

organ& drums.

Luke Moller- fiddle.

Zane Banks-banjo & mandolin.

Kylie Adams-Collier-vocals & backing vocals.


Album photography by Michael Carpenter.

Album artwork by Kylie Adams-Collier.


True Love co-written with lyrics by Lola Patricia Brinton.

The Willow Weeps for me co-written with lyrics written by John Seers.


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