Kylie Adams-Collier – Light As A Feather (WAV Album)



1. Memories Of My Old Town

2. In The Valley

3. To Fill The Pail

4. Lavender Bridge

5. The Willow Weeps For Me

6. Mamma’s Table

Fearless Like A Magpie

8. True Love

9. On A Summer’s Night

10. Light As A Feather

11. If You Could Only Find The Time




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'LIGHT AS A FEATHER' - Totally Biased Fan Review.

Cowgirl Up.

By Kaz Johnson.

‘Kylie and I have been friends for a while now – so much so that we are known as Thelma and Louise. (With a happier ending). I knew instinctively that this would be a great album. With the addition of my April brother, Michael Carpenter at the helm, it is a polished, instrumentally enhanced album with Kylie’s eclectic mix of Bluegrass, Mountain Music, Folk Music, Celtic Music, Bush Ballads, Traditional Country and a bit of a twist, nothing is beyond her reach.

An amazing band, wonderful producer and a bunch of original songs that have heart and a sense of adventure about them, with all the ups and downs that she has been through the last few years – as we all have been through, this is a very balanced sense of joy and heartache.

Kylie always delivers, but this is something a little bit extra special. Even in the sad songs, there is hope, and in the happy songs, there is something to make you smile. Kylie’s songs always have a sense of family and home. She paints a picture of the simple things, the memories and moments that we, of a certain age, can all relate to. This woman has a way of capturing the past but also a way of looking ahead. I am not really sure that there is another singer/songwriter like Kylie in Australia, though she is very Australian.

She is a certain type, positive but honest, looking at things as they are, as they were, as they always will be. There are songs here that you will almost sing like a psalm. There are others that you will want to tap your toes to or sing along to. This album flows easily.’

The multi -award winning album ‘Light as a Feather’ was produced, engineered, mixed, and mastered by Michael Carpenter.

Michael Carpenter- acoustic & electric guitars, dobro guitar, mandolin, double bass, piano, organ& drums.

Luke Moller- fiddle.

Zane Banks-banjo & mandolin.

Kylie Adams-Collier-vocals & backing vocals.


Album photography by Michael Carpenter.

Album artwork by Kylie Adams-Collier.


True Love co-written with lyrics by Lola Patricia Brinton.

The Willow Weeps for me co-written with lyrics written by John Seers.