Merri Winter and Tony Martin – Can’t Let Go (Wav)


Merri Winter, a Tasmanian born Victorian resident, has had a long and varied musical career both in Australia and overseas, including 5 years based in Dublin. She has been a member of several bands such as The Shiralees, the Tony Cornish Unity Band and she toured with the Tony Martin Band.

“I was delighted to recently work with the legendary Bill Chambers as he produced all 13 tracks for my new album, ‘Moving On’. “I was even more excited when he generously offered me the opportunity to record two of his unrecorded compositions for inclusion on my album. ‘Sweetest Sound’, the first single released off the album, is one of those two songs and it was co-written with Sara Cotton.” – Merri Winter.

CAN’T LET GO – “I heard this song from Alison Krauss.( one of my favourite artists.)… and Robert Plant …. and I immediately loved it.

The only person I wanted to do it with was Tony Martin, a singer songwriter from Sydney who I have worked with for many years.  We have totally different voices but they just worked together with this song.

A great dance song….” – Merri Winter

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