Neil Anthony

Neil Anthony is a Sydney based country cabaret singer songwriter. Neil started his musical career in the central western NSW city of Orange. Now based in Sydney his live club performances specialise in senior’s entertainment.

Neil has written several hundred songs and has released 4 solo albums plus appeared in albums with his bands. Over 250 radio stations throughout Australia have played Neil’s music. His song “April the 25th” has been played on mainstream commercial radio – on the John Laws show, by Bob Rogers on 2CH and on local radio stations from every state including Macca’s “Australia All Over” program through 50+ stations on the ABC network and the “Good Morning Country” show on 80+ community radio stations.

Some of Neil’s other original songs such as “Farmer’s Face”, “Tamworth Country Gold”, “Peanut Butter on Toast” and “The Grey Nomads” have received national Australian radio coverage and even overseas in Europe, UK and a country network in the USA.

His original song “Wishing you a Merry Christmas” was released to radio and online in December 2018. The song achieved success on radio reaching #40 in the Country Tracks Top 40.