Norma O’Hara Murphy

Norma O’Hara Murphy has spent most of her life working with horses, breeding horses, and developed a genuine love of Rodeo/Camp Drafting. If you spend enough time breathing in the sounds/smells of horses it is bound to get in your blood. From a very early age Norma was obsessed with TB racing-the bloodlines-the champions! So it was a natural progression into the world of Rodeo. Watching the Bull riding-the Bronc riding-and Norma’s total admiration for the Cowboys climbing on the rank bulls-rank horses- also including the Rodeo Clowns- all part of the excitement of Rodeo. Watching young cowboys come & go over the years-now some old cowboys! There is still the sense they are a special breed of bloke! Worthy of a song!

Here’s to all the Cowboys-past-present & future!