Shaza Leigh – How We Love Before We Leave (Wav)


Shaza is a multi-award-winning Singer, having just released her 16th career album, a prolific songwriter, renowned as “Australia’s First Lady Of Song” with hundreds of award-winning songs published and an established business executive, whom alongside business partner/husband, Lindsay Butler OAM, has established the famous LBS Music Group.

Shaza is amazingly grounded and down to earth and when asked the key to her success, she pays credit to her spiritual guidance as her driving force in every facet of her life. She just delivers the messages as they come, helps artists through channelled guidance and has built their entire business by adhering to her “knowing” what was required to help all connected to the LBS Music Group.

Shaza also believes that “Blessings” is her best album to date and many agree. It was a project of pure love, created over a decade and her new single is typical of her ingrained belief system, that “How We Love Before We Leave” is all that really matters in this lifetime.