Shaza Leigh – Hear The Angels (Mp3)


HEAR THE ANGELS is musical magic, capturing the true spirit of Christmas.  Shaza Leigh OWB has penned numerous country hits throughout her incredible career and her very first original Christmas song now stands tall amongst her outstanding body of work. You can feel the depth of the woman, appreciate her spirituality and connect with her inner beauty through this intimate performance.

The raw emotion and passion, revealed in the sincerity of this beautiful song inspires you to connect with your own core beliefs regarding the spirit of Christmas. HEAR THE ANGELS also celebrates the importance of our guidance to conscientiously retain and preserve our peace and freedom for all humanity.  Shaza has personally always considered Christmas an extremely special time – family time!

She has always celebrated the significance of a blessed Christmas by taking an extended break over the holiday period, shutting down all her business interests, making time to reflect on what is and who are truly important in this lifetime; to relax, laugh and share the simple things in life at home, spreading love with those nearest and dearest.

Lindsay Butler OAM, Peggy Gilchrist and Shaza are amongst the best and most experienced country session players in Australia and to hear them adapt to and interpret this beautiful Christmas arrangement is divine.

It is rare to unearth an inspirational new song about Christmas and Australia’s First Lady of Song has lived up to her title, delivering a track worthy of inclusion in any Christmas collection.

Merry Christmas, take care of you and please spread the love – HEAR THE ANGELS