Shaza Leigh – Surrounded By Love (Mp3)


SURROUNDED BY LOVE is Shaza Leigh’s first radio single for 2022 and what a gem it is! Shaza has lived a life completely ruled by love and appreciates how blessed she has been. She also exudes an undeniable comprehension of the power in both giving and receiving love to attain a fulfilled life.

Shaza has enjoyed many of the spoils of an incredibly successful music career as one of the country’s leading singer songwriters, but more importantly, she has always chosen to walk a path paved by love.

Recent times have challenged the mental health of many and it is now widely acknowledged how essential ‘love’ is for all of us to enjoy a balanced life. “Surrounded By Love” is an uplifting song of hope, tastefully crafted to highlight this sensitive topic.

This single was co-produced by Shaza, Australia’s First Lady Of Song, with Lindsay Butler OAM in the LBS Studios, using a selection of Australia’s finest musicians.