Shaza Leigh – Time To Fly (Wav)


It’s “Time To Fly” for Shaza Leigh with her brilliant new album, “Blessings.”

Shaza Leigh OWB is amongst the very best songwriters in Australia. Her well-earned title as “Australia’s First Lady Of Song” is never questioned by her many admirers and massive fan base built over a 35 year uninterrupted career.

“Time To Fly” is an upbeat and uplifting piece, tailored to make the listener ‘feel good.’ In these current times how refreshing it is to hear a spiritually motivated, happy song.

This is the 5th single lifted from her “Brilliant” new inspirational album, “Blessings.”  The preliminary singles have all been top 10 hits on National and International charts, including the two “National Songwriter of the Year” winning songs, “Land Of Our Kin” and “Cutting Gems Out Of Stone” and her additional number one hits “Dawning Of The New Age” and “Surrounded By Love.”