Terry Bennetts and Lee Forster

Terry Bennetts and Lee Forster have known each other for over 10 years.  Their first meeting was at the Mildura Country Music festival.  Their love of similar country genres, Traditional and Bush Ballads has made them mates for all that time.


Over the past 7 years they have both been in the same backing band at various Country Music festivals around Western Australia.  They have performed many a duet together, some of which were rehearsed and others off the cuff or requested by the audience. Each time they enjoyed the creativeness of working together. Terry and Lee have also written songs together, which will be released in due time.


For now, they have recorded the great Gordon Parsons tune, ‘That’s The Kind Of Live I Live’.  It’s a fun tune that many artists have covered over the years, however it represents the kind of Fellas Terry and Lee are.