The Sherrahs

The Sherrahs
A Brother and sister -­‐ and a Brother and Sister -­‐ one from New Zealand – one from Country
Victoria meet in Tamworth in the late 1980s get married and form one of Australia’s strongest harmony based Country Music bands; sounds far fetched? But the end result, which is far from a
whimsical story, has meant audiences in Australia have over three decades enjoyed the vocal and musical gifts of this talented four piece group.

The Sherrahs are releasing new singles this year on Radio in anticipation of their 5th Album – the First single being ‘Old Socks’. About the bond between a farmer and his working dog on a sheep farm.

The Sherrahs had great chart success with ‘Raindrops on the Window’ which went to number 3 on the Country Tracks Top 40 in Australia.

Their sound is centred on Strong Harmony Vocal Arrangements and a premise to their song choices is that the songs must mean something and tell a story. Whilst the core of this group
is a vocal treat the musical interpretation is ably lead by one of Australia’s well known
country guitar pickers in ‘Anthony Stewart’; which focuses on arrangements which are warm and
highlight both the vocal nuances and lyrical content.

The Sherrahs love to perform live and bring the crowd into their ‘Lounge Room’ whether that’s on the back of a truck, in a country hall or a Music Theatre.