Geoff Williams

Geoff Williams is a singer/songwriter who has been performing country music for many years. A retired school principal, Geoff organized and compered the Belrose Country Music Club and Pittwater Country Music for 17 years, and performs for parties, concerts and country shows.
Geoff’s “History Of Australian Country Music – The First 50 Years” is very popular with corporate bodies and other groups. With 3 albums, ‘Just Be Yourself’, ‘A Peaceful Mind’ and ‘Anyone Can Fly’, Geoff has won awards for some of his songs.
On a tribute album to the late George Jones, his band The Jones Boys recorded Geoff’s ‘Dobro Song’ and that album was top of the U.S. charts for three months in 2014.
Geoff Williams has been presenting country music on Radio Northern Beaches in his ‘Country Music Showdown’ program every Saturday at High Noon for 19 years and also presents trad jazz on Wednesdays.